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Something that we are really passionate about here at The Kurldom is giving back. There are communities all around us that are disadvantaged and in need of support. Which is why, the K.E.O has added a new feature to make it easier to give back to an organization of your choice, at no extra cost to you. As you shop, The Kurldom will give 10% of the product amount to the organization you select. While you are not obligated to donate a percentage of your purchase, The Kurldom wants each of our members to have a chance to make an impact and purchase from a small business who's biggest goal since inception is to give back to the community. 



1. Choose the product of your choice.

2. Locate the "You Shop We Give" box right above the add to cart button, and click select.

3. Type in an organization that you would like to donate to, select that organization

4. Purchase your items and we'll take it from there! 

Once your purchase is complete, an automatic confirmation pop up screen will be displayed showing the donation amount from your purchase. Shortly after your purchase you will receive a confirmation email explaining the same donation details. You can share your impact with your friends and family on social media and email. 

This short blog serves as a Kurldom forum where members can comment/share their thoughts on community engagement and even share which organizations they are passionate about giving back to. We also encourage you to share the good news here at The Kurldom with your friends and family.

As always, thank you for supporting The Kurldom!


Janell Jermon, Founder & KEO


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