About Us - Kultured Kurlz, LLC


Founded by someone that gets it. I've heard all of the jokes about my hair being coarse. I've impulse purchased enough "for all hair types" products just to be disappointed. In August 2012, I ditched my desperation, picked up my notepad, and started researching.

After testing each product on my hair and improving upon the formulations that showed positive results, Kultured Kurlz launched in June 2020. I formulated our products to be non-toxic and cruelty-free while moisturizing, restoring, and protecting coarse hair.

I understand the concerns and struggles that come from having a hair texture that is the least catered to and has the least positive representation. That's why I created Kultured Kurlz, to give all the jokes back to those who simply do not get it. Our hair has a place; it's called The Kurldom.



Founder & Kurldom Executive Officer, Kultured Kurlz LLC