OUR COMPANY – Kultured Kurlz



We're born with it and taught to hate it. We learn to embrace it, but are told it's "too dry," "too coarse," "unkempt," "unprofessional," "lay your edges," "just straighten it," "not everyone can be natural," and the list goes on.

It was out of the lack of positive representation and products that cater to our hair needs, that Kultured Kurlz was created.

To redefine the societal norm that misinterprets the beauty and versatility that is type 4 hair. To create handmade and cruelty-free hair care products tailored to moisturize each coil, nourish sensitive scalps, and strengthen every strand.

Kultured Kurlz is beyond committed to creating hair products that give our Kurldom Members the freedom to embrace and maintain their natural beauty and healthy hair lifestyle.

As always, thank you for supporting The Kurldom


Founder & Kurldom Executive Officer, Kultured Kurlz LLC