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Lavender & Kukui Moisture-Locking Oil

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*CAUTION: This product contains ingredients derived from nuts. Those with nut allergies should take precaution before purchasing/using this product.


Enrich your strands with our best-seller: the Lavender & Kukui Moisture-Locking Oil. Formulated with Kukui Nut Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, and Rosehip Seed Oil, this natural blend helps reduce flakes and dandruff, strengthen the hair, and increase shine, while soothing and locking in moisture. Nourishing and calming, it helps relieve scalp inflammation, giving you soft, healthy hair.


- Promote Growth and Reduce Inflammation with Rosehip Seed Oil

- Seal in Moisture + Alleviate Dry and Itchy Scalp with Kukui Nut Oil

- Increase Shine and Stronger strands with Moringa Seed Oil

- Expect Long-lasting Moisture with Moisture-Locking Babassu Oil



Lavender Essential Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, Babassu Oil



Scalp Massage Treatment, Hot Oil Treatment, L.C.O or L.O.C Method



Scalp Massage Treatment: Apply directly to scalp, massage oil with pads of finger tips.Ā 

Hot Oil Treatment: Apply oil from root to ends and cover with a heat cap, let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse out and follow up with a deep conditioner.


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